What Our Customers Say

“Has a light scent, if you are sensitive to harsh smells. Not overpowering! Works really well!”

– Paula K.

“Happy to find a disinfectant that combats coronavirus at my store. Makes cleaning and disinfecting easier when the room has a very pleasant, citrusy smell unlike the harsh smell of bleach.”

– Judy D.

“This one is the best cleaning products when it comes to disinfecting. I was using it in the kitchen before, but now I am using it everywhere in the house since the COVID-19. It states that it is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses, including tuberculosis, E. coli, HIV (AIDS virus), Hepatitis B and C, and pneumonia. It removes odors and leaves no residue.”

– Linda J.

“This cleaner works wonderfully! It’s helped me removed stains in the restroom, as well as clean in the kitchen. It’s scent is very citrusy and pleasant. It’s great for fighting grease or dirt. I spray it on, let it set for a minute or two, and I can see the grime melting away before I even wipe it up. And, there’s a handy list of all the bacteria and viruses it kills on the inside of the label. I like this cleaner so much, I recommended it to a friend.”

– Fred R.

“Used to clean tables, primarily used by children. I did notice that the number of illnesses that were being spread dropped. I wasn’t even getting sick. Directions were easy to understand. This product really helped.”

– Ginny W.

“Kills germs, while not stinking up the house. Great cleaner and disinfectant!”

– Laura V.

“Very nice scent! Cleans mold and mildew from bus seats very easily. A disinfectant without that harsh chemical smell.”

– John D.

“This cleaner is so very nice! I like the light scent and my dentist uses this brand in their office so you know it works! I support this product.”

– Phyllis S.

“This is an amazing product! I’ve used it for years!”

– Barry P.

“This product is sooooooo good! My father had open heart surgery and we needed to disinfect his room! I used this product on EVERYTHING! Wood, plastic, the walls, the carpet, floor and even the electronics! Nothing was ruined. The smell isn’t overwhelming either!”

– Suzanne R.

“Great EPA-registered disinfectant!!!”

– Mike R.

“I cleaned countertops and things that really need to be cleaned. It cuts right through all the dirt. It’s a very good product I’ve been using it for years.”

– Carrie L.

“Been on CPAP for 19 years and one of the best products I’ve ever used. Great Cleaner for a fresh mask every night.”

– Billy A.

“Excellent broad spectrum sanitation.”

– Bob W.

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